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RMD Industrial Services uses and recommends “Triple ⁷ Chemistries” products.

Triple ⁷ products are powerful bio-based products aimed at cleaner production with savings in effort, time, and money.

The formulations are homogenous blends of colloids, organic sequestrants, and hyper wetting agents that become ‘super active’ when processed together. The cleaning action produces a similar effect to an atomic explosion where random interaction of particles loosens the soil.

Triple ⁷ products are water–soluble and are attracted to oils, fats, and greases. The cleaners break-up and lift away contaminants, but do not react with the cleaning surface.

How Do Colloidal Cleaners Work?

Traditional chemical cleaners often contain chemicals such as chlorine and caustic soda. These chemicals have a strong positive or negative charge, and react strongly with soiling, forming strong chemical bonds. These highly concentrated chemicals bond to the surface and oxidation can form as a white, reddish, or green/blue crust. Initially, the target surface may have a greater shine, but the continued use of the chemical cleaner will eventually etch the surface to the point where it is dull and of lesser tensile strength.

Colloid cleaners are not chemically charged, but promote breaks in surface tension, resulting in a cleaner surface. The Triple ⁷ colloid chemistries form a short lived unstable emulsion, which quickly breaks down, releasing the insoluble organic fats, oils, proteins, etc. These then separate from the water.

Find out more about the stronger, safer, greener range of Triple ⁷ products.

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